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Léa is one of those Asian escorts who blend elegance and grace with extreme sensuality as you can see for yourself if you take a look at her wonderful photos in the gallery section here on Sexy Oriental Escorts. There are certain clients who book her exclusively to go with them to casinos, not only because she looks so good on their arm but also because she brings them luck, exceptional luck. There are some people on whom Lady Luck bestows her favours more often than on others, but Léa is so lucky that it often defies rational explanation.


Only recently, one of her regular clients took her to Crockfords in Mayfair and after a sumptuous dinner during which Léa regaled her client with stories about her recent exploits, they went over to the Roulette table and sat down. Soon, as previously arranged with the management, a stack of large denomination chips were brought over and placed in front of Léa. She watched the wheel spin round a few times as she waited for the quiet voice inside her head to speak; when it did she put a one-hundred-pound chip on each of 3 numbers that were together on the wheel, seven and its two neighbours twenty-nine and twenty-eight. The ball landed on twenty-nine, which paid Léa three thousand five hundred pounds; she waited while 7 spins came and went, then placed a one-thousand-pound bet on 0 and its two neighbours twenty-six and thirty-two. There were a few gasps at the table and the croupier waited until he got a nod from the floor manager before accepting the bet. The wheel spun seemingly endlessly until finally the ball landed in the twenty-six slot; Léa had now won over thirty-five thousand pounds, and her cut was twenty percent, not a bad start to the night.


Of course, things didn’t always go so smoothly as that, but it was rare that Léa ended up losing anything, and as she sat in the bar drinking champagne and basking in the gratitude of her client, she knew that pressing her luck would be a mistake, so she talked him out of going to the blackjack table and instead made him an offer that would be difficult for any man to refuse.


They took a taxi to her friend Léa's flat and after a few drinks, the client was treated to a two girl show that Léa enjoyed as much as him. For the client, winning a lot of money and having sex with two such beautiful Oriental escorts was certainly a night to remember. If only you or I could be so lucky!


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